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Athletic shoe is a basic name for a specific footwear designed for sporting and physical activities. Athletic shoes are commonly called trainers, sandshoes, joggers, running shoes or sneakers. The shoes are made of flexible compounds, typically with dense rubber sole.


Boots are mainly designed for walking through snow, water, mud or dirt to keep your feet warm and comfortable. There are also specialty boots that are designed to protect steelworkers from molten metal or accidental hits with steel toecaps. As for more rugged alternative to dress shoes there are also dress boots that may be worn to formal events.
Giorgio Brutini Men Loafer 24578


Slip-ons, are low, leather lace-less shoes. The style most commonly seen, known as a loafer in American culture, has a moccasin construction. First appearing in the mid-1930s from Norway, they began as casual shoes, but have increased in popularity to point of being worn in America with city lounge suits, though these still require lace-up shoes in more conservative locations such as Britain.
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Oxfords, are low, leather lace-up shoes. The style most commonly seen has a plain design with variations between cap toe and wing tip. The shoes are normally made from a variety of leathers to suit different situations, ranging from formal evening shoes of patent leather, to daytime casual shoes. Basic colors are black, brown or tan.


Sandals are an open type of footwear, mainly consisting of a sole held by straps or thongs passing over the instep or around the ankle. There are several distinction between sandals and other types of footwear which can be blurry sometimes. The most common sandal leaves most of the foot exposed. There are several types of sandals: slides, thongs and flip-flops.